Deploy Chief

We deploy your apps to your servers.
Built for PHP and Laravel.
Zero downtime, easy, customizable and fast.

Features Simple. Quick. Integrated.

Zero downtime deployment
New deployments are prepared in a separate directory and symlinked to the "current" directory when all preparations succeeded. This ensures that your users hit the new code only when it's prepared for traffic.

Customizable deployment plan
Every step is customizable by writing your own scripts to do whatever you need to do to prepare you app for going live. Need to execute a step on a single server or specific servers? No problem too!

Update your .env on push
On every deployment a fresh .env file is pushed to your servers so it updates when your code does.

Multiple environments
Want to deploy a staging environment and production on the same server? No problem, create as many environments as you need. All environments have their own .env file and deployment flow.

Integrated with GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket
Deploy when you push, code is directly downloaded from the repository to your servers. You can also choose to trigger the deployment after your CI finishes by calling a URL.

Not the features you are looking for? Tell us what you need!